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Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili

I love all things jalapeno.  I’ve been on a jalapeno kick this month.  I can’t get enough. Thankfully, the rest of my family likes jalapenos as well.  Even the kiddos…I credit that to the copious amounts of spicy food that I ate while pregnant with each of them.   The spice in this chili can […]

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Cheeseburger Soup

So, I’m going to restate the obvious for most of the country here.  IT’S COLD!  We are currently at -18 degrees here.  Not my idea of a fun time, that’s for sure.  Since it is so cold here, we are all enjoying an extra day of winter vacation.  I see a day filled with movies, […]

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Stuffed Pepper Soup

I love stuffed peppers.  I enjoy classic stuffed peppers, as well as southwestern stuffed peppers.  This is a big step for me as a few years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead eating any sort of bell pepper. I don’t know what my problem was because I missed out on some great flavors by not […]

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