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Pulled Pork Nachos

Do you have a barbecue sauce that you absolutely love? That you and your husband love it so much that you get a case of it for Christmas? No?  That’s just us? Interesting. And totally true. We are utter and complete fans of Russ and Frank’s Sassy BBQ sauce.  The sad thing is that we can’t buy […]

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Smoothie Lovin’…

We woke up this morning and the Little Miss came in asking for smoothies for breakfast!  I thought this was perfect as I had just found a new smoothie cup yesterday. Isn’t it cute?  I found this Tervis Tumbler at Bed Bath and Beyond.  The husband has a glass like this and loves his, so […]

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A grilling night…

It was  a perfect night for grilling, friends.  The sun was shining, the wind wasn’t blowing, and the bugs weren’t bad.  I loved it. We’ve had a crazy busy week this week.  Hopefully next week things are going to slow down!  Anyways, since it was such a busy week, we’ve been eating on the fly. […]

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