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Ranch Chicken Enchiladas

Well, hello!  It’s been a while!  Sorry about that. I have to say that the past few months have been some of the busiest in my life.  Between all of our schedules, I knew that something had to give.  Unfortunately, it was my blog.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately and realizing that I really […]

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Steak Fajitas

“OMG.  This is SO good.” “Stop picking at the steak, it needs to rest.” “NO!  Please, can we cut it up now? Taste this….It’s SO good.” This is the conversation that we had at our house when we made steak fajitas.  I was the one sneaking bites of steak while the hubby was telling me […]

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At our house we love making tacos.  A lot. They are an easy meal that everyone will eat and we can personalize to fit our tastes. Since we eat so many tacos and things flavored using taco seasoning, I started making my own a few years ago.  A friend of mine gave this recipe to […]

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