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Bolillo Rolls

There is an international market that I adore grocery shopping at.  I love the produce, the deli counter is great and they have WONDERFUL bolillo rolls that I have to buy and make some sort of sandwich on every time we come home from the store. The other night I was making some pulled chicken […]

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Margarita time…

It happened.  August arrived.  I kept thinking that maybe this year it wouldn’t.  I was wrong. You see, August means a few things around this house.  The Good Eats Guy has to go back to work after having July off for vacation.   And I know that school is around the corner, so that means […]

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The search for a great cookie…

I’ve been on a search for a great chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I have strict requirements to determine the awesomeness of chocolate chip cookies.  Cookies must be nice and crispy, but still a little chewy.  I don’t want them to be gooey and I don’t want them to be light and fluffy. Yes, I know. […]

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