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We needed breakfast last week before we went out of town.  We were out of cereal.  Out of any sort of granola bar.  Out of yogurt.  And out of eggs.  We were in a sorry state…when breakfast supplies get low people tend to go a little crazy in this house! In order to remedy this […]

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Strawberry Stuffed Lime Cupcakes

Since I went on a strawberry baking spree trying to use up a ton of strawberries, I went perusing for recipes to use them up! I was looking for a cupcake recipe to take to a friend’s house and came across this recipe…it was exactly what I was looking for! This was a large step […]

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Strawberry Cake

Yesterday, we spent the day doing this on the golf course. Okay, so there was actual golfing going on too, but we tried to enjoy a little shade when we could as the temps were at 100 degrees and higher.  We were hot, sweaty messes when we were done, but it was one of the […]

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