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Steak Fajitas

“OMG.  This is SO good.” “Stop picking at the steak, it needs to rest.” “NO!  Please, can we cut it up now? Taste this….It’s SO good.” This is the conversation that we had at our house when we made steak fajitas.  I was the one sneaking bites of steak while the hubby was telling me […]

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Strawberry Cake

Yesterday, we spent the day doing this on the golf course. Okay, so there was actual golfing going on too, but we tried to enjoy a little shade when we could as the temps were at 100 degrees and higher.  We were hot, sweaty messes when we were done, but it was one of the […]

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Fish Tacos….

I like to think of myself as a seafood eater.  I love shrimp.  I love scallops.  And lobster.  And crabs.  However, fish is not one of my favorite things to eat.  The Good Eats Guy is a fan of fish though.  I think he’d eat it all of the time.  He’s been asking me to […]

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