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Monster Cookies Version 2.0

At our house, the most requested cookie is monster cookies that have lots of m&m’s.  I have been considering tweaking the recipe just a little bit, but I was never brave enough to mess with a good thing! I eventually worked up the nerve to tweak the recipe a bit and I am so glad […]

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Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies

This summer has been different than the past summers since I’ve had children.   Previously I’ve had one child old enough to do certain things while the other toddles around behind us or has to sit in a stroller while the older sibling does something.   This is the first time that both girls are […]

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Cupcake Cookies

Good Monday morning! Monday is always that day that I refuse to admit is going to arrive.  I love the weekend.  Like a lot. Thankfully, this weekend was able to end with some football and good food!  And, don’t let me forget some great commercials. I think that my favorite commercial was the M&M commercial […]

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