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Shrimp Po’ Boys

It was a pretty lazy day today… I spent some of the day reading.  I’m currently in the middle of Nora Roberts’ Bride Quartet.  I just finished Bed of Roses which is the second book.  It was a good book!  I love the story of these strong females running a business and being successful that […]

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Please forgive me for the lack of post last night.  I couldn’t concentrate enough to write a post.  I was completely preoccupied by this. I couldn’t pick my jaw up off of the ground for long enough to get anything done.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  It was like I was in a trance.  I’m a […]

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Pasta and a book…

Holy cow…it’s been way too long since I’ve blogged!  Sorry, friends!  It was conference week at my school which means that life turned out to be CRAZY busy!  Working 12 hour days makes me pooped!  When I got home this week all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and go to bed […]

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