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Cheeseburger Soup

So, I’m going to restate the obvious for most of the country here.  IT’S COLD!  We are currently at -18 degrees here.  Not my idea of a fun time, that’s for sure.  Since it is so cold here, we are all enjoying an extra day of winter vacation.  I see a day filled with movies, […]

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Taco Dip

I tend to associate food with memories.  I love making a recipe that reminds me of a happy memory or a family member. While making this recipe, I was able to remember many moments when my extended family gathered around the plate eating this and laughing and talking.  My mom used to make this taco […]

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Steak Fajitas

“OMG.  This is SO good.” “Stop picking at the steak, it needs to rest.” “NO!  Please, can we cut it up now? Taste this….It’s SO good.” This is the conversation that we had at our house when we made steak fajitas.  I was the one sneaking bites of steak while the hubby was telling me […]

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