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Monster Cookies Version 2.0

At our house, the most requested cookie is monster cookies that have lots of m&m’s.  I have been considering tweaking the recipe just a little bit, but I was never brave enough to mess with a good thing! I eventually worked up the nerve to tweak the recipe a bit and I am so glad […]

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Cinnamon Roll Bites

We are raising little cinnamon roll addicts.  At any point if the girls are left to choose any breakfast that they want, cinnamon rolls are at the top of their list! When I came across this recipe on Pinterest, I knew that I needed to make it for breakfast for my littles.  Stat. I was […]

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Bolillo Rolls

There is an international market that I adore grocery shopping at.  I love the produce, the deli counter is great and they have WONDERFUL bolillo rolls that I have to buy and make some sort of sandwich on every time we come home from the store. The other night I was making some pulled chicken […]

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