The Good Eats Guy and I love to go to Old Chicago and order their Italian Nachos and Pepperoni Rolls.  I’ve managed to recreate the Pepperoni Rolls (delish!), but never attempted to re-create the Italian Nachos.  Partially because I couldn’t figure out what kind of chips the nachos were made out of!  When I finally figured out that they were won-ton chips, I have been on a mission to try this recipe!

Sundays are football food Sundays around here, so I thought today was a perfect time to make them!

Copycat Old Chicago Italian Nachos

-1 package Won-ton Wrappers

-Oil for frying

-2-3 cups Shredded Mozzarella Cheese



-Marinara or Pizza Sauce for dipping

Cut the wonton wrappers in half.


Heat 1/2 inch of oil in a small frying pan.

Fry wonton wrappers for 15-20 seconds on each side.


They will get all bubbly and fabulous!

Let chips drain on a plate with paper towels on it to soak up the grease.

photo (96)

When chips are finished, place on a pan lined with parchment paper.  Put half of the chips on. Cover with cheese.


Then put another layer of chips on and then cover with more cheese.  Add pepperoni and pepperocinis to the top.


Cook at 350 degrees until cheese has melted.

Serve with pizza sauce.



These were awesome.  There was silence in the room as we were shoving our faces full of these.  They were identical to eating at Old Chicago!  Were were so pleased!


I will make absolutely no changes to this recipe and I am so excited to be able to make one of our favorites at home!

In case you need a quick and easy pizza sauce…try this.

Quick and Easy Pizza Sauce

-1 can tomato paste

-1 15 ounce can tomato sauce

-2 teaspoons dried basil

-1 teaspoon dried oregano

-1/2 teaspoon onion powder

-1/2 teaspoon sugar

-1-2 cloves of minced garlic (depending on how much garlic you like!)

Mix all of these ingredients together.  Use immediately or let refrigerate to allow the flavors to combine until you are ready to use!



Even though we enjoy going out to eat, it’s nice to be able to sit on the couch at home, watch some football and put your feet up while eating one of your favorites!

Hope you had a fabulous Sunday!!



8 Responses to “Copycat Old Chicago Italian Nachos”

  1. Tiffany says:

    I pass by Old Chicago all the time but have never been in. However, these may change my mind, better yet, I will just make them. Anything with wonton chips and peppers has my heart. Nice job :)

  2. Sarah says:

    These look amazing. I never thought to use wontons as a chip base. What a great idea. I just bought the last pack of wonton wrappers at the store tonight. They are a popular item for NYE. I needed a new football recipe. My husband I think will be very surprised.

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  5. Sasseygirl says:

    Love the recipe, I came across the wonton chips as well. I know in Mpls, MN Old Chicago, they have sauage on the chips as well. Not certain if that is just a MN thing :) However thank you for posting!

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