Chicken Lo Mein

I’ve been looking for a good lo mein recipe for a while.  I love the stuff and want to be able to recreate it any time I want to!  I think I have finally found the recipe!

Chicken Lo Mein (adapted from Elly Says Opa)

-1 pound cooked spaghetti noodles

-2 boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into small pieces

-1/4 cup oyster sauce

-1/2 cup soy sauce

-1 cup chicken broth

-a few shakes of red pepper flakes

-4 Tablespoons canola or vegetable oil, divided

-1 small onion

-2 stalks celery, diced

-3 carrots, peeled and chopped

-1.5 cups of broccoli

-1 cup fresh green beans

-4 cloves garlic, minced

-toasted sesame oil


In a bowl, make the sauce by combining the oyster sauce, soy sauce, chicken broth and red pepper flakes. Set to the side.

Add 2 Tablespoons canola oil to pan and heat up.  Add chicken and cook until not pink anymore.  Take chicken from pan and put aside.  Wipe pan with a paper towel.

Add 2 Tablespoons oil to pan and add the vegetables.  Cook until they are done to your liking.   (I add onions first and let them cook for a few minutes longer as I like them to be more done. ). When veggies are done, add chicken back to pan.  Mix.

Add the sauce and then the noodles. Mix everything together well. Allow to cook for an additional 5 minutes or so.  The sauce will start to thicken a bit!

Drizzle with toasted sesame oil.


I love that I could modify this recipe and add whatever veggies I wanted to. This was a perfect way to clean out my fridge and use the veggies that were there!

I’ll be adding this into our meal rotation!  This recipe made enough for the four of us to eat and for leftovers for lunch the next day!   Loved it!

We’ve been getting ready for back to school around here…I went to work yesterday and got my classroom cleaned.  I think I am going to go this afternoon and finish writing up my syllabi.  Fun times, fun times!

I also had to take our daughter to the eye doctor…she has to get glasses.

She looks so much older with them on!  Ahhhh!

She’s excited about them though which I was thankful for!  I’ve worn glasses for what seems like a hundred years!  And she’s starting early also!  I just hope her eyes don’t end up as bad as mine are!

Do you wear glasses or contacts?!?

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!


5 Responses to “Chicken Lo Mein”

  1. this definitely sounds like a keeper of a recipe! so far i’m 27 and don’t wear glasses/contacts but both my parents do so i’m sure this won’t last forever! :)

  2. I am loving this lo mein recipe. I’ve never made lo mein, as I was always intimidated for some reason, but this looks super simple. Thanks!

  3. Your recipe looks yummy – I love stuff like that. All 3 of my kids have glasses and I am blind as a bat without my contacts. Your daughter looks cute with hers!

  4. Mary says:

    This looks delicious. I love how versatile Asian stir fries are. I make one at least once a month!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Mmmmm love lo mein but have never made it at home. I must try!

    I wear contacts but want to transition to wearing my glasses more. I actually went to the eyedoctor today and will hopefully be getting some new frames soon~!

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