I got an expected afternoon off of work today because the Littlest Miss was feeling a bit under the weather.  So, I had to run her to the doctor.  We found out she had an ear infection.  While we had to wait for her prescription to be filled, we ran around the store and picked up some groceries.  It was a good thing that we did this because I scored this…..

Hello, jalapeno hummus.  Please get in my belly!  Again, the Good Eats Guy thought this might be excessive.  I thought since it was on sale for $1.50 each and didn’t expire until June that this was a great investment.  And really, who am I kidding….this Tribe jalapeno hummus doesn’t stand a chance.  I could eat this stuff with a spoon.

Like I said last week, I wouldn’t need much at the store this week because I stocked up on things last week.  All I needed this week was produce, milk, eggs, and yogurt.

Here’s the damage…


My big purchases this week were hummus, Chobani (the husband has finally given in and decided he likes it, so I am buying double the amount!), lunch meat and almond extract.

This makes my total for the month right at $212.61.  I have 187.39 to spend for the rest of the month.  I’m not gonna lie; I’m a little nervous.   This could get interesting!  :)  I have already figured out that the grocery store is somewhere that I like to spend money…I love to try new things, so reigning in my spending was a little bit tough.

We’ll see how the next few weeks goes….hopefully I’m able to keep things a successful!

Now, let’s get on to talking about dinner.  We made one of our favorites!

I made Rachael Ray’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  If you like buffalo style anything, you’ll love this pizza.  It’s awesome.

I made it exactly as she states with just a few exceptions.  I didn’t use scalllions.  I don’t like them.  I forgot bleu cheese crumbles at the store…I don’t like them either, but the husband does so I usually put them on his half.  I also add a few extra tablespoons of hot sauce…you know I love spicy food!

I’m not a huge fan of Rachael Ray’s show, but I love her recipes!  This one is a keeper!

I wish I could say that I healthified this meal and had a pretty salad on the side or something like that, but I can’t.  I ate pizza.  And that’s it.  :)

Please go and make this.  Soon.  :)

Who is your go to celebrity chef?

I’m not sure I can pick just one…my favorites include Rachael Ray and Ina Garten!

I hope you guys had a great Monday!

22 Responses to “Week 2 Budget Challenge and a Pizza Recipe”

  1. I’ve made a few of Rachael Ray’s recipes, but her show, yah. I have a hard time with that.
    I dont know who my favorite celebrity chef would be. I really like Jamie Oliver and Bobby Flay. Also Lynn Crawford is pretty awesome.

  2. I try not to spend more than 50-60$ per week on groceries for 2 people. Its definitly challenging to eat HEALTHY on a budget. Good luck! I look forward to seeing how it goes

  3. Shawnee says:

    Rachel Ray would probably be my go to as well, however, I use Martha Stewart quite a bit.

  4. I’m still working on convincing my fiance of a need to budget a bit more for grocery shopping. It definitely makes me nervous, too, cuz like you, I love buying new things, but it adds up so fast! I’m also trying to work on gathering coupons and such. We just subscribed to 2 Sunday papers, so hopefully that’ll be a good start!

    I love that you converted your hubby to Chobani – it’s seriously too good to resist! Pineapple is seriously my favorite flavor ever!

  5. Omg what an amazing buffalo pizza! I think Rachel’s recipes are super convenient for the busy person. My bf bought me one of her books for my bday and it’s great. I also love Bobby Flay :D

  6. Jalapeno hummus? That’s amazing! I’m still sneaking jalapenos into anything… lol

    • admin says:

      You will love this hummus…it’s seriously that good! And I’m still with you….jalapenos added to anything is amazing! :)

  7. I love buffalo chicken pizza! Yum!
    My favorite Food Network chefs would have to be Ina Garten and Sunny Anderson. Sunny is one hilarious girl, I love her show and her tweets on twitter. :)

  8. Ina Garten. Hands down.
    I love your honesty on just eating pizza…nothing else. Sometimes that’s all I want: pizza. Just pizza.
    I love hot wings….so you’re saying I should try this recipe huh? Not a big fan of blue cheese either. I like to dip my wings in ranch dresing. Maybe I should dip this pizza in ranch????

    • admin says:

      Yes!!! If you love wings, you will love this….and if you like spice, add extra hot sauce! :) I highly recommend! And, I’ve dipped it in ranch before….OMG! Yum!

  9. Rachel Ray is who inspired me to start cooking!! Buffalo chicken pizza is one of my favorites but I could do without the blue cheese too!

  10. kelsey says:

    We watch Down Home with the Neely’s a lot because we think it’s funny, but the food is always a little to excessive with butter…

    Hope little miss gets to feeling better soon!

  11. LeQuan says:

    Groceries sure add up these days. It’s like you buy about 5 things and it can easily add up to $80-$100. Money doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. Love buffalo chicken pizza. Hmm…tough to pick 1 celebrity chef. I like Curtis Stone and Rachel Ray.

  12. This pizza looks so good! Good luck on the budget! You can do it! I love Cat Cora! She’s definitely my fave!

  13. That pizza look right up this pregnant girl’s alley! I gotta try it- I love anything buffalo style!

  14. Good luck with the grocery budget! I would have such a hard time with it. I definitely need to start trying harder though–I barely keep it under $500 a month and there are only two of us (well, I guess three but she doesn’t consume too much food yet).

  15. Jalepeno hummus..omg..how did I not know that existed!! Thanks for the heads up :)

  16. Biz says:

    Must get jalapeno hummus in my belly too! Love it! I think you are doing great on your budget.

    I am a stick to the list kind of person, when my husband shops with me, he just tosses stuff in the cart!

    I guess I’d have to say Ellie Kreiger, since I’ve made several of her recipes – Ina Gartin kinda makes me fall asleep when I watch her, but unfortunately her shows are on when I work out at the gym – 2 in a row too which stinks.

  17. Biz says:

    I thought I had you on my blog roll – now I do – check out how I put you on my blog roll! :D hee hee!

  18. Simply Life says:

    I’ve never tried that kind of hummus but now I want to! Oh and I’m slightly obsessed with Giada :)

  19. I think not buying that hummus when it was so cheap would be a huge mistake—great deal you found! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the budgeting goes :)

    And that pizza? Wow, it looks like restaurant quality and all, you go girl. I am not a Ray Ray fan but love her recipes. I am all about Rocco and Tyler Florence, nothing like a hot chef!

  20. I love Ina Garten! I would love for her to cook for me :) I also love Alton Brown- I can’t stand his show, but he is HOT!

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