Those buns were huge…


Okay, that’s the cheesiest thing I saw on the news channel’s website about the snow we are getting, but I thought it was HILARIOUS!!

Currently we are predicted to get 12-16 inches of snow with huge winds.  They are predicting 4-8 foot drifts.  YIKES!!

I got the best news at about 1:00 today.  We have a snow day tomorrow!  YAY!  I realize I sound like a child, but I love snow days.  It’s a bonus break right in the middle of the school year.  I realize we have to make the days up, but I still love them!

As I drove very slowly home from work this evening, I was super excited about dinner.  Tonight we had an oldie, but a goodie at our house!

We made hot sausage sandwiches!

You need…

-ground Italian sausage

-1/4 jar of spaghetti sauce


-mozzarella cheese


Brown the sausage and add in the sauce.  Put meat/sauce mixture on bottom of bun and cover with cheese.  Put cheese on top of bun and add pepperocinis.  Bake at 350 degrees until nice and brown!  Broil if they aren’t getting done enough!  Devour!

Yes, I must have bought the largest buns the store had to offer.  I swear this thing was as big as my head!  I only ate about half of this!

AND…we tried something new tonight in the Good Eats household.  I bought some kale at the store last weekend, so we whipped up some kale chips.

They weren’t too bad.  My hubby liked them and I didn’t think they were too bad.  I don’t know what I expected, but they got the stamp of approval complete with a milk mustache from one of the little people that live in my house!

That means that they are a keeper!

Have you ever made kale chips?  How do you cook them?

I’ve also decided that I need to get some fun plates or placemats because mine are getting BORING!!  Where is your favorite place to shop  for dinnerware?!

Two of my snow day goals are to find some new plates and bowls and read the instruction booklet for my new camera.

I’m off to enjoy my blizzard.  I hope you guys are all safe if you are in the midst of this crazy storm!  And if you aren’t in the middle of it…enjoy your great weather!  :)

Happy Tuesday!

22 Responses to “Those buns were huge…”

  1. Enjoy your snow day and stay warm! The wind is so crazy right now as I sit here in my room. Eek!!

  2. Jamie says:

    Those kale chips look a little scary!! Enjoy your snow day- jealous!!

  3. Genius to make a sandwich out of it! Looks like a classier sloppy joe! =) I made hot sausage pasta last night out of laziness and it was so delish! Bet yours rocked! <3


  4. Enjoy your day off!! You dinner looks amazing!! I have no had kale chips, but it’s one of the things I have been wanting to try!

  5. I love pepperocinis! I’ve tried a pepperocini martini once before, and it was delicious! I’ve tried kale chips a few times…the first time I burnt them – which is easy to do! They have a very quick cooking time!

    I also need to get some new plates/place mats. Places like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls have great home sections that you can purchase single plates, cups, etc. Great prices too!

  6. Erica says:

    whoop whoop! Enjoy your day off! But stay safe and warm. That looks like an amazing dinner! Love deli fresh rolls. I like getting dinnerware from either Pier 1, Crate and Barrel or Target!

  7. Kelly says:

    that’s awesome the little ones liked kale chips – they’re so good for you! I have never made them but am planning to this weekend. Actually quite excited about it…

    Crate & Barrel is the jam. Happy snow day!

  8. So… the title of this post kinda rocks my socks :)

  9. Simply Life says:

    i have yet to make kale chips- thanks for the reminder!

  10. Sausage sandwiches? Yum!!

    I’ve made kale chips a couple times – the first time I added WAY too much cayenne pepper. My boyfriend loved them but I wanted to cry. :)

  11. I’ve never made kale chips. There’s a bunch of kale in my fridge for the first time ever just staring at me whenever I open it and I have no idea what to do with it…

  12. dinner looks delicious!! i tried kale chips once and didn’t like them. i like kale cooked other ways but the chips just aren’t for me. i just got some new placemats at home goods and tj maxx!

  13. Oh gosh, I think or at least am hoping that we got through the worst of the snow storm already. Seems like every place is getting hit with a snow storm. We never get snow days though :( Even when it’s minus 40 degrees out and storming.

    Dinner looks great! I’ve never tried kale chips before but keep hearing great things about them. I shop for cookware/dinnerware anywhere, as long as it looks pretty and the price is right. Have a great day, Autumn.

  14. Stay warm and cozy!!

    I’ve tried kale chips once… I thought they were OK. The edges got crispy, which I loved, but the whole chip didn’t. Guess I still need some practice.

  15. Biz says:

    Okay, loving the dinner – you had me at pepperoncini :D

    Hate kale chips. I tried to like them, but no. I did just see Rachael Ray use them in a soup though, and she cut out the stem in the middle – maybe that’s why they taste like ass to me!

  16. I’ve tried making kale chips, but they didn’t turn out very chip-like. They were still good, though!

  17. Cynthia says:

    I tried to make kale chips once, but I didn’t keep an eye on them so they burned. :( I haven’t tried to make them again, but maybe I should.

  18. Those sandwiches look de-freakin-licious! My favorite place to drool over dinnerware is Crate + Barrell – if you check out their website, you won’t make it out without a lighter wallet lol (:

  19. Those sandwiches look awesome! And, I love how simple they seem :) I’m jealous of your snow day! Those were always my favorite, but teaching in Phoenix are totally non-existent. Enjoy!

  20. Ive never ever ever ever experienced a snow day EVER.
    I do on the other hand

    Try this:
    Steam it, then saute it in olive oil with some fresh garlic- BAM yum town, then you can add some brags to it for a touch of sodium or some ginger for more of a kick so GOOD!

  21. such a cute photo! I tried to make kale chips but they turned to kale crisps… I burned them

  22. been meaning to make kale chips FOREVER. Still haven’t though..I get scared seeing the huge stalk of it at the store and shudder at the thought of washing it all!

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