Have you ever had one of those nights where you think dinner is going to be great and it doesn’t turn out so much!?!?

We had one of those nights last night!  We put a pork roast in the roaster yesterday and let that baby cook away.  But by the time we were ready to eat, the roast wasn’t done.  Whoops!!  We were going to shred it into wonderful, beautiful pulled pork sandwiches.  We couldn’t do it.  It wasn’t done.  So we made due last night.  We let the roast finish cooking.  The Good Eats Guy shredded it last night at 8:30 and we stuck it in the fridge.

Tonight, we were able to enjoy our pulled pork!  And it was tasty!  We just put it in a pan and let it heat up with some more BBQ sauce….we just used Famous Dave’s Sweet and Sassy.  I need to make a trip to Des Moines to pick up a bottle or twenty of my beloved local BBQ sauce!

Anyways back on track here, we plopped this on some wheat buns and served with carrots, hummus, and pita chips!

Such a nice, quick dinner!

Has this ever happened to you? I have the worst luck when it comes to cooking in a crock pot or roaster.  Either things get too done or not done enough!

On another front….It’s finally official that I like Greek yogurt…I think.  I’ve been trying different brands here and there and got a Stawberry Banana Chobani at the store the other day.

I thought it would be money wasted once again.  NOPE!  Found a flavor that I liked!  YAY!  This is big progress as I am the girl who has hated all yogurt her whole life and just started eating it a year ago!

It’s Thursday night which means that I am going to sit on the couch and watch tv all night!  :)  One of my new favorite shows, Perfect Couples, is on tonight.  It’s hilarious!

What is your favorite show to watch?

Hope you had a great Thursday!  I love that Friday is so close!  And it’s jeans day tomorrow….yay!

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  1. It is always so disappointing when dinner doesn’t turn out as planned, but they can’t all be winners! My favorite shows to watch are Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, Better with You, Biggest Loser, and Cake Boss. I guess that I like to watch a lot of TV! :)

  2. My favorite show is Modern Family for sure!

  3. I love watching old episodes of sitcoms like Friends, Seinfeld, King of Queens. But I also love new shows like How I Met Your Mother. My guilty pleasure = Jersey Shore.

  4. I love Modern Family – such clever writers! Hope you have a great & relaxing night! :)

  5. My Thanksgiving turkey is ALWAYS done WAY earlier than it should be.

  6. I loooove Chobani!
    I usually watch The Office, but I’m watching it on Hulu for awhile.
    Got to support the hometown heroes on Real Police Women of Cincinnati!

  7. We love pulled pork at our house!

  8. Stefanie says:

    I have been wanting to watch Perfect Couples–now I’m going to check it out for sure! :)

    I’m not so great at crock-pot cooking! I usually overestimate spices and overcook the food! I’ve only used my crock pot once this year, so oh well. :)

  9. Kristina says:

    I hate when im super excited for my meal and then it’s blah!!!! I’ve got lots of favs….modern family, SVU, house, and then all the reality and hs shows that i’m too ashamed to admit.

  10. I heard that Perfect Couples is really good!! Right now I am loving How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris is pretty much awesome. Yeah :D

  11. Ugh I HATE when I work hard and think a dinner’s going to be awesome and then it’s…well, not! I love Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother….and Teen Mom 2 but don’t tell anyone.

  12. mmm pork sandwiches!! I’m not even a big pork fan, but somehow it sounds delicious after seeing your dinner :)

    I love Gossip Girl (hangs head in shame…) ;)

  13. Biz says:

    On more than one occassion, I’ve put everything in the crock pot, but have failed to turn it on!

    I get home expecting to smell a delicious roast, and its stone cold. :(

    We love Modern Family! :D

  14. Jamie says:

    I don’t know about that greek yogurt bit.

    The pulled pork, however, looks fantastic! Yummo.

  15. That pulled pork looks so good. I dont know what it is, I hate pork, but love pulled pork sandwiches. Im complicated. :)

  16. Strawberry and also blueberry chobani are my favorites! my hubs loves the strawberry banana too! =)

    my dinner was a disaster girl! I hated it! luckily I only added smoked paprika to half the quinoa so I was able to eat the half that didnt taste like awfulness!

    Happy friday! <3

  17. Simply Life says:

    favorite show – modern family!

  18. I never have success cooking pork in time for dinner, even skimpy little chops! Don’t know what I’m doing wrong… but hey, better late than never! :) Pulled pork… mmm! My favorite TV show is Top Chef!

  19. I love greek yogurt!! So good!! My favorite show is True Blood!!

  20. yay greek yogurt! chobani peach is my absolute favorite because it tastes the most like regular yogurt to me! i usually have the opposite problem with my slow cooker…sometimes it gets too hot and overcooks things!

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