I started the morning off menu planning!  Yay!

Yes, that is Christmas paper.  I’ve had that notepad for like five years.  I put it out at Christmas time and I put it away every year.  This year I refused to put it away.  I’m going to use it until it’s gone this year!

After a successful trip the grocery store, I did this.

Utensil drawer.  Tackled.

It’s not perfect, but it’s way better than the hot mess it was before!  My husband was mortified that I showed off our disorganization!  So, please, tell me this….does anyone else have a drawer that looks like this? I think it will make him feel better!

Then I started baking!

I’ve been challenging myself to make some of the things that we buy on a consistent basis from scratch.  I decided that today was the day that I was going to attempt to make granola bars. I perused what seemed like a million different recipes on how to make granola bars and came up with this.

A Little Bit of Everything Granola Bars

Here’s what you need…

-2.5 cup of old fashioned oats

-1/2 cup of wheat germ

-3/4 cup almonds

-3 Tablespoons of butter

-2/3 cup of brown sugar

-1/2 cup agave nectar ( I forgot to buy honey at the store!!)

-1/2 teaspoon salt (I used kosher salt.)

-1.5 teaspoon vanilla

-1 cup dried fruit (I used raisins and cranberries)

-1/3-1/2 cup chocolate chips

First, I toasted my oats, wheat germ and nuts at 400 degrees for ten minutes.  I stirred every 2-3 minutes so they didn’t burn.

When finished, I added them to a bowl with the dried fruit.

As the ingredients were roasting in the oven, add salt, brown sugar, butter, and agave to a pan.  Cook until everything is melted and mixture begins to bubble.

When bubbling occurs, pour mixture into the bowl with the roasted oats, etc.

Stir everything to coat.  Add in chocolate chips.

Pour mixture into a 9×13 pan that has wax paper in it.  Make sure to spray your wax paper with cooking spray!

Make the mixture lay flat and let cool.

Then unwrap and put on a cutting board!

Cut into bars.

Wrap in plastic wrap or keep in an airtight container!

Aren’t they pretty?!?!

I was super impressed that these turned out and tasted good.  Do you have a favorite granola bar or granola recipe?!

Now to hang out and watch the end of the Packers/Falcons game!

What is your favorite football team? We LOVE our Iowa Hawkeyes!  And I don’t like to admit this because they are not so great, but we like the Detroit Lions in this house too.  I’ll be happy to admit that a bit more when they start playing better than they have the past few years!!!!  :)

Have a great night!

14 Responses to “Shopping, Organizing and Baking”

  1. Jamie says:

    I know I don’t even need to ask, because I am sure some of those are in the mail already……

  2. Those granola barks look good!!!!

    And I swear all of my drawers look like that!!

  3. christina says:

    your bars look great! i love making my own too!

  4. My husband loves granola bars, I may just have to make these!

    In our house, we love the Buckeyes (I’m from Ohio), and the Steelers (my husband is from Pittsburgh).

  5. Stefanie says:

    I think it’s safe to say that all my drawers have looked like that at one time or another! haha–I organize them and then they’re all messed up soon after! So no worries for your hubby! ;)

    I’ve never made my own granola bars–but this recipe looks great!

  6. Simply Life says:

    wow, nice job! those granola bars look perfect!

  7. Love the Hawkeye bottle opener!
    Tell your hubby our junk drawer is much worse than yours was!
    I also make our own homemade granola bars – so easy and cheap!

  8. Erica says:

    Oh yes! We have like two mess drawers….they feel like a necessary evil to me. I <3 granola bars. I make a batch almost every week. For a sweeter version- I usually go with this one: http://www.itzyskitchen.com/2010/01/adjusted-tina-bars-acorn-squash-and.html

    PATS!!!!!!!!! And Josh is an Eagles fan. In terms of college football- Penn State (thats where we both went) and USC (South Carolina)

  9. I need to make granola bars. I keep meaning to, and then I just dont do it.
    I live in the smallest place ever, and my kitchen has 1 drawer. Thats it. I have to jiggle it around just to get it closed because its such a disaster. :)

  10. Those granola bars look awesome! I need to try making some for myself, though I have made some really yummy oat bars.

  11. I have yet to make my own granola bars….I don’t know why. Yours looks so good!!!!
    I have one drawer, the “junk drawer” that always looks disorganized. That’s it’s job…it’s the junk drawer after all. :)

  12. Whoa, you just actually admitted to liking the Lions?? Brave girl! j/k I am a Bears fan for NFL so I’m happy with their win this wknd. I like WVU for college, my alma mater.

    Um, the granola bars look fabulous! Oddly enough I have all of those ingredients sitting in my kitchen so I saved this to my favorites to try out. Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Love homemade bars. Those look delicious!

    And organized drawers make me so happy too. :)

  14. All of my drawers look like that! I’m actually making some protein granola bars to snack on throughout the week :)

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